Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome to BMW Individual

The most exclusive way to drive the BMW.

bmw individual style
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Individual questions on style deserve a preserve a precise answer.

perfect bmw individual
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The key to style the ability to combine the colours and shapes perfectly.

Exclusive bmw individual
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Exclusive style is the exact expression of one`s own personality.

Exclusive bmw individual
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Since nothing is more exclusive than one`s own character.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

BMW 750Li

Quality and exclusive style even more convincingly! Light-alloy wheels in V-spoke design round off the car’s exclusive appearance.

BMW 7 Series individual
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BMW 7 Series individual

BMW 7 individual wheels
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light-alloy wheels in V-spoke

BMW 7 individual interior
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distinctive seam patterns on the seats, the dashboard and the door linings

BMW 7 individual leather colors
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leather colours: Alcantara roof lining, trim bars in Satin Nut Brown, Reddish Brown plane tree and Black Piano

BMW 7 individual Citrin Black
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Citrin Black interior color

BMW 7 individual Citrin Black
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integrated cooling box: 2 0.7-litre bottles + 2 0.33-litre cans

BMW 750Li individual
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the safety and maturity

The wide range of features offered by BMW Individual 7 Series.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2009 Christmas Limited-Edition

New 2009 BMW 7 Series based on a BMW 750Li and designed by BMW Individual.

BMW Individual 7 Series
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new price $160,000

BMW's flagship sedan luxury photos combined and harmonized with dynamic performance:

2009 BMW 7 Series
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2009 BMW 7 Series

2009 BMW 7 Individual
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Neiman Marcus Limited-Edition

2009 BMW 7 Individual Munich Germany
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Christmas Book Munich, Germany - April 2009
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